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PAYG Frequently Asked Questions

I'm using the ECI to receive and lodge my activity statements or other transaction. I also want to lodge PAYG Payment Summary Reports. How do I do this?

Existing users of the ECI can access all the other available ECI functions (i.e. activity statements, Excise Grants & Rebates Schemes claims, Superannuation files, PAYG Payment Summary Annual Reports* and PAYG Withholding where ABN not quoted Annual Report*).

On-line help and instructions on how to do this can be found by selecting the 'Help' tab from the main menu of the ECI application, then 'On-line manuals' and then the 'PAYG Summary Reports' function topic.

Alternatively, select the 'PAYG Summary Reports' tab from the main menu of the ECI application, then select either 'Payment Summary Report' or 'No ABN Annual Report' (short for 'Withholding where ABN not quoted annual report') and then select the 'Help' tab from the main menu.

* ECI is closing for PAYG withholding annual reports. You will need to use either SBR or the portal for these interactions.

ECI is slow, freezes and/or an out of memory exception occurs when validating large files. How can I overcome this?

If ECI runs slowly or freezes when attempting to validate large PAYGW, TFN declaration, Investment body or Superannuation files you may need to allocate more random access memory (RAM) to the java virtual machine used by ECI.


To increase the RAM allocation to the java virtual machine from the default 64 MB to 128 MB:

  1. Ensure ECI Version 6 is closed
  2. Navigate to where you installed ECI (the default location is C:\ProgramFiles\ECIClientV6)
  3. Open the "StartClient.bat" file in edit mode (right click and select edit)
  4. Amend the line that reads:
    "jre15\bin\java -jar Resources\z600\EciClient_Start.jar eciclient.startup.log=Start.log %"
    "jre15\bin\java -Xmx128m -jar Resources\z600\EciClient_Start.jar eciclient.startup.log=Start.log %*"
  5. Save the change then exit.


  1. Right click on the ECI Client V6 icon on your desktop and select 'Show Package Contents'.
  2. Double click on the 'Contents' folder.
  3. Right click on Info.plist and select Open With > Other...
  4. In the left side pane, ensure 'applications' is selected
  5. In the right side pane, scoll down till you find 'TextEdit'. Click on TextEdit and select 'Open'.
  6. Search for the <dict>VMOptions</key> line.
  7. Add the following to the <dict> element so it looks like:
  8. Save the change then exit.

Note: There is a limit to the amount of memory allocation to the java virtual machine. This is dependent on your operating system and how much memory you have available before you start ECI.

direction image If you require further assistance with this process phone 1300 139 373, Monday-Friday, 7am- midnight.