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Download and Install (Windows Version)

Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) Client software

The latest version of the ECI Client software is available for download from this website. It is strongly recommended that you check your PC to match the hardware and software requirements specified below. The ECI Client software will perform faster and more efficiently if your PC has the recommended requirements.

Before you start downloading the ECI Client software setup file, we recommend that you check system requirements.

Note: If you have a previous version of the ECI software installed it is recommended that you complete and send any forms in your In Tray or Out Tray. You should then archive these forms from your Sent Items to enable you to restore them into the current version.

Installation Instructions

There are three steps to the installation process:

To download the ECI Client software

Perform the following steps:

  1. Click here and a File Download dialog box will appear containing the following options:
    • Run this program from its current location - this option will save the setup program to a default location on your computer and open the application Setup Wizard automatically.
    • Save this program to disk - this option will allow you to see the default name and location for the file and select another name and/or location if required. If you choose this option you must run the Setup Wizard manually.

    Note the name and location of the setup file.

  2. Select one of the above options from the File Download dialog box and click on the OK button.

    If you choose the Save this program to disk option, a Save As dialog box is displayed. You may leave the location for the file as shown or select a new location. Click on the Save button to begin the download.

    While the file is being transferred across the Internet to your computer, a File Download progress meter will appear. The meter will show the estimated time needed to transfer the file. Allow the download to complete. The file will be saved at the location you specified in the Save As dialog box.

  3. If you choose this option, you must run the setup file from the location you specified in the Save As dialog box. The default filename is ECISetupV602.exe.

    Open Windows Explorer to navigate to the location and double click on the setup file. The Setup Wizard will open.

Installing the ECI Client once it's downloaded

  • If did not choose the Run this program from current location option, you will need to locate the file ECISetupV602.exe on your computer and double click to launch the Setup wizard.

  • Follow the Setup Wizard instructions until the installation is complete.

Finishing the Install

At this point, the framework ECIClient is now installed on your computer. The first time you access a business function, the ECI Client will download the required components from the ECI Server. To do this now, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ECI Client software. To do this, click on the Start button on your desktop. Select Electronic Commerce Interface in the Programs menu. Click on ECI Client V6
  2. If you access the internet through a proxy server, click on the Settings tab on the navigation menu. The Settings dialog box will appear, enter your proxy server details in the Network tab, the press Save
  3. Establish your Internet connection now if you are not currently connected.
  4. Select the business function you wish to use from the ECI navigation menu.
  5. The Confirmation Message ECI-903 message is displayed. Click on the OK button to start the application update process.

  6. The Check for Updates is displayed. When the application update process is completed, the selected business function screen will appear.